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Trending in #Communication:

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Hey y'all! I am excited to announce that I am offering workshops for scientists interested in improving their communication skills. These workshops are developed in collaboration with #scicomm researchers and experts to ensure they are evidence-based and practical.

New paper: Faculty bios are low-hanging fruit for #scientists who want to help build #trust by sharing their pro-social motives. Let's update those bios!

w/@samicuscuriae @choung_hyesun @SciPublic #scicomm #riskcomm #trustworthiness #benevolence

Still eager to hear from colleagues headed to #AAASmtgs in Denver who have stories to tell about how their organization is trying to be strategic when it comes to #scicomm/#publicengagement.

I'd like to interview you for a research project (compensated). DM or email me, please!

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